Sprints, user stories, points, burndowns etc. Hansoft has everything to run SCRUM by the book or in custom flavours.


When you have hard dependencies and are driven by the timeline, Hansoft's powerful gantt charts are useful.


Limit your WIP, maximize flow efficiency and minimize waste using Hansoft.

Mix sprints and gantt schedule in same project view

Why choose? We let you plan in the most optimal way for each team and deliverable.

Common Product Backlog (or WBS)

No matter how you choose to plan, use the power of a product backlog or work breakdown structures (WBS).

Flexible Release Tagging

Each item can be tagged to multiple releases, on low or high level. Burndowns, reports  etc. are of course available.

Easy for teams

An easy to use todo list for each person as well as full transparency makes Hansoft the optimal choice for the team members.

Program planning

Common backlogs, dashboards and other tools make Hansoft indispensable to run any Program.

Portfolio overview

For busy executives managing risks, budgets etc. it is vital to keep everything in one place for just-in-time decision making.

Many teams

Hansoft has been scaled up to 10,000+ user installations. Delegation and visibility settings makes it easy to scale.

Distributed teams

Optimized to handle poor networks across large distances, planning has never been easier from different locations.

Quality assurance

Features, bugs, issues. All in one tool The quality assurance  adds the extra power needed for demanding organizations.


Realtime, powerful business intelligence. All users have access to the dashboard section to deep dive into the metrics.


Highly flexible reporting section with no need to understand things like SQL to create reports with quick access.

Share the insights

Dashboards and reports can easily be shared across the user base to gain quick understanding of what is going on.


Hansoft is 10-100x faster than comparable web tools, such as JIRA.


Top grade security with support for X.509 certificates, and AES-256 encryption for all communication.


Change the workflows on the fly (if you have access). Batch edit, drag-and-drop and everything else needed to continuously improve.

Native Windows

Hansoft runs natively on the latest edition of the Windows operating system.

Native OS X

Hansoft runs natively on the latest edition of the OS X operating system.

Native Linux

Hansoft runs natively on most Linux distributions (we test on the most popular ones)


Find out more about Hansoft by requesting a demo with one of our product experts.

An illustration showing how backlog scales using Hansoft agile planning tool

Plan with unrivaled flexibility 

Successful projects and product development efforts require a combination of short- and long-term planning. Mix SCRUM, Kanban and traditional Gantt scheduling as you see fit – Hansoft does not dictate how you work as a team. For example, see a high-level roadmap side-by-side with detailed team plans in sprints. 

An illustration mixing Gantt and Agile methods using agile planning software Hansoft

Become 20% more efficient 

Hansoft is radically faster (10-100x) than competitors. Not only does the native Windows, OS X, or Linux client enable batch updating and removes any click/wait experience, you can change attributes and workflows on the fly. Our customers experience up to 20% increase in planning efficiency when switching to Hansoft. 

An illustration showing pictures of various charts and graphs offered by the Hansoft agile tool

Scale with a single backlog 

Inspired by Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Large Scale SCRUM (LeSS) and the Project Management Institute (PMI), Hansoft easily bends to custom ways of working and any size. 

One area critical for modern planning and tracking is the backlog — an area where you can refine, prioritize, estimate, and give any other custom attribute to your deliverables. The Hansoft backlog is consistently mentioned as one of the core reasons why organizations chose Hansoft. 

An illustration showing projects moving from review to testing using Hansoft agile tool

Discover new insights 

Whether you have a centralized or decentralized decision-making model, Hansoft ensures everyone, including decision makers, has the right tools to prioritize and visualize progress. With tight and real-time integration between producing and consuming planning data, you discover new insights easily. 

Key Features of Hansoft Agile Planning Software

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Hansoft is now part of the Perforce Software family! Learn more here.


SDK & Integrations


Two-way, realtime synchronization of issues. Workflows are automatically mapped from JIRA.


Write custom plugins or integrations using .NET languages such as C++, C#, Java etc.

Active Directory

Integrate with active directory to ensure that authentication is handled easily and according to IT policy.

More on Github...

Our community has created custom plugins. You can find some of them in our Github repository.


Ensure that the team is mapping their check-ins to items in Hansoft. Two-way integration.


Integrate with git repositories and use hooks to decide when the user maps to items in Hansoft.


Meet Hansoft — the Agile Planning Tool for Productive Teams

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