How Dimenco successfully scales R&D with Hansoft

Nothing is more important to us than our customers and we are proud to have loyal customers in a wide range of industries. By presenting Customer Success Stories we aim to share their stories with the rest of the community to share solutions to difficult business challenges and planning best practices.

This time we present a Customer Success Story from Dimenco – a Dutch company that scales their R&D department using Hansoft. You can find the whole story on this page.


  • 3D without the glasses: Dimenco’s 3D technology allows screen viewers to sit anywhere in a room and see a customizable 3D image without requiring cumbersome, inconvenient 3D glasses. This is easy oan the eyes and can be watched from different angles.
  • Balance research and customer projects: The R&D organization consists of a plethora of disciplines and must balance a high demand to deliver different research and customer projects with limited capacity. Success depends on that decisions can be made accurately ensuring that maximum value is added in the shortest possible time.
  • Overview and transparency: The core planning challenge that Hansoft solved for Dimenco was to provide a clear cross-project overview to reduce impact of various bottlenecks. Now there is complete transparency and everyone can see what is going on and handle any consequences of delay as they occur.
  • Replaced Microsoft Project with Hansoft: Dimenco used MS Project earlier when one of their customers introduced them to Hansoft. Due to Hansoft’s clear visibility, ease of use and stability the decision to switch was quick and easy to implement.

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