Why hansoft

Why Hansoft for agile development?

Hansoft is an agile tool that helps industry leaders around the world getting the most out of their talented teams, facilitate innovation and enabling successful executive decision making.

Do you also want to boost your competitiveness through next level agile practices? Then Hansoft is the tool for you.

Get the most out of your talented teams

Developing truly great software requires teamwork, involving many people during weeks, months and sometimes years. You spent all that time finding the sharpest brains and now you need to make the creativity flourish while keeping the product tight and goals clear. Hansoft helps you:

  • Empowering your teams to take ownership of their part of the work, while keeping the big picture clear and goals well-defined.
  • Running different methods side by side so that the entire organization can communicate in real time, regardless of their preferred ways of working.

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Superior ability to innovate

Frequent innovation is key to stay cutting edge and competitive in a rapidly moving world. Enabling an innovative culture while under productivity and cost pressure is not easy, but Hansoft enables a creative workspace that will allow those creative processes to evolve.

  • Hansoft enables visionaries and product owners to collaborate to realize and execute their visions.
  • Your empowered teams get a chance to self-organize and actively enhance the product.
  • Constant redefinition of the project plan is easy in Hansoft and helps you respond to new ideas and market changes.

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Increased capability for successful decision making

Strategic challenges require strategic vision and reliable information is key when fast decisions have to be made to navigate your organization towards the top position in the market. Hansoft gives what you need to reduce risk and lead successfully:

  • Real-time, transparent data from all parts of the organization. No more soft estimates of the teams progresses, in Hansoft you have the actual status in one simple view.
  • Tools for communicating your visions, targets and current status to teams and divisions enable everyone to work towards the same goal.

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IT ♥ Hansoft

IT-professionals empowering their organizations with Hansoft for Agile ALM, PPM, and Social Collaboration, often tell us how positively surprised they are with the experience. They value the low maintenance and cost, as well as the high security and fast implementation. Very little work simply speaking. That’s why IT loves Hansoft