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See the big picture... and the details

Agile leaders and team members align with Hansoft to deliver better products faster.

Hansoft enables large scale agile without dictating your team's process

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Agile at Scale

Make your strategic vision a reality

From portfolio to program to team – Hansoft lets you see the big picture and drill down into the real-time updates from teams and individuals. Whether you are using SAFe or custom methods, Hansoft supports your way of working and ensures alignment between company strategy and work.

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Methods Side by Side

Empower teams to choose the way they work

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Gantt Scheduling…
Regardless of method, teams can work towards a common goal. Progress can be tracked across teams and features can be pulled from a joint backlog.

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Actionable Agile Metrics

Real-time and dynamic business intelligence

Hansoft empowers everyone, regardless of hierarchy, to track metrics and make better decisions. Instantly create, manipulate and share graphs to gain knowledge and spread insights. Power and extreme flexibility lead to better business decisions for all.

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Continuous Improvement

Do, review, improve, repeat

Effectively respond to sudden market, organization or requirement changes. Hansoft enables you to continuously adapt and improve. Hansoft never dictates your process but provides flexibility to allow agile practices to thrive.

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Boost innovation and increase velocity with Hansoft


Enterprise-level security

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Expert agile coaching

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