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What is really going on with your project?

By Ebba Kraemer on March 02, 2015

Get to the heart of the issue using historical data in the latest release of Hansoft.

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GDC Special Release - Historical Reporting and SDK Improvements

By Glenn Stiemens on March 02, 2015

With GDC 2015 upon us, we’re pleased to be able to release a new version of Hansoft as a small token of our appreciation to the great teams in the games ...

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By Glenn Stiemens on February 23, 2015

We're pleased to announce the release of Hansoft 8.3. with new features and performance improvements.

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What metrics are relevant to a Game Producer?

By jonleslie on November 02, 2014

We talk a lot about actionable Agile metrics at all levels of the organization, which is of course super important and a powerful ability of Hansoft 8’s new ...

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Why Velocity and Tuckman goes hand in hand

By Roland Bäcklin on August 25, 2014

On a team level the most important actionable metric is the velocity. The team’s velocity in combination with estimate of stories in the backlog is essentially ...

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Completed stories versus planned stories

By Roland Bäcklin on August 19, 2014

One interesting metric that every team should keep track on in the beginning of any project is how well they succeed with their commits to each sprint. A way ...

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Five agile metrics

By Roland Bäcklin on August 13, 2014

This is a comment on an blog post by Ryan Ripley - 5 Agile Metrics to Help Scrum Teams Improve

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Priority View: Prioritize, Reprioritize and Stack Rank

By jonleslie on August 11, 2014

Prioritization is key to any Agile process. Program (Product) backlog prioritization allows the Product Owner to determine which User stories are most ...

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What to measure on portfolio level

By Roland Bäcklin on August 02, 2014

If you have incorrect data and the analyzers are reasonably intelligent, the outcome will be wrong. You need correct data to draw the right conclusions. The ...